September 21, 2010

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

1. Introduction

The application Money on Thread provides a simple approach to record, modify and follow the budget activities (incomes & expenses). It "places" all those transactions on a "thread", flowing from top to bottom, in the chronologic order. This means the older transactions will be shown first and the most recent ones will be shown to the bottom of the thread, which grows in down of the page.

The transactions are separated in 2 types: income and expense. Each transaction must be assigned to a category to allow grouping them in reports. There are provided a set of standard categories, built-in, which are not editable (cannot be modified or deleted). Beside those built-in categories there is allowed for user to define new categories (expense or income); this is available in the "Tools ~ Configuration" dialog, explained later.

Also, it allows the user to define his/her own reports (Report Designer and User Defined Report).

The standard expense categories that can be  transactions are presented here:

The standard income categories  of the transactions are presented her:

There are multiple views to present your budget, which may contain many accounts. These views are: Money Thread (main one), Evolution Graph, Transactions List, Categories Report, Calendar, Reports Designer and User Defined Reports. They can be selected, for each account, by clicking on the bottom tabs, as it's shown in the below image.


  1. Hi, your video was a turn off. no sound and the cursor is whipping around enough to give me whiplash. Sorry, even free I am off to find reasonable priced software that minimizes manual entry.

  2. Thank you Steve for the feedback!

    Indeed the video is made with a very old version (1.2.0); in the meantime the tool has nicely evolved, with many added features, as you can see in the version 1.6.3.

    Yup, it's based on manually entry of the transactions... but you still can import different type of files QIF, OFX, CSV, ASO etc, which can be downloaded from your bank account website.

    The whole point here was to work offline, with no bank connection, becase some people are scared of security and privacy theft.