September 21, 2010

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3.1. View 'Money Thread'

It manages multiple accounts (banks, credit cards, etc), where we have to insert the activities (transactions): ADDs (+) and SUBs (-) distributed along the "thread" like below, ADDs in the left side, colored with green, and SUBs in the right side, colored with magenta. After each transaction, on the thread is shown the value of the account, and also the current day with blue color.

Each account has an initial value and minimum limit that must be set first time, because the default values are:

       account initial value = 0
   account minimum limit = 1000

Changing of these informations is done by selecting from the menu or the toolbar the option with icon and then filling out in a dialog like this one:
Each activity shown in the Money thread view is "sensible" that means we can selected it with the mouse, we can edit directly the value by double-clicking on it, or we can invoke the edit options by right-clicking on it, which will show the popup menu like in the below image:
Also, there is a fast editing of any transaction sum, by double-click on a transaction and type in an blue bordered editing box. After you finish editing the value then press ENTER to store the new value, or ESC for aborting the edit action (as seen in the below image):

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