September 21, 2010

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3. Application Views (Screens)

The application presents different screens/screens for your personal budget, keeping multiple accounts, backups and reports. Changing the view is done by clicking on the bottom tabs, shown in the image from above.

These views are:

    - Money Thread, which is the main page and smart presentation of your transactions tied on the thread.

    - Evolution Graph, which presents the graphical evolution (line chart)

    - Transactions List, which presents the list of all  transactions (grid chart)

    - Categories Report, which presents the distribution of your all money (pie chart), and also grouped on categories (bar chart)

    - Calendar, which presents the distribution on year of your money - see the dates where you had INs or OUTs.

    - Reports Designer, which allows configuring the user designed reports, by grouping more categories (i.e. all incomes + home expenses) on the same line chart.

    - User Defined Report, which shows the multiple categories on the same page - line chart. We can have as many such reports as we need.

More screenshots of the application Money on Thread (version 1.0.0 though) you can see on Softpedia website. Thanks!

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