September 21, 2010

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2.3 Menu Tools

Menu Tools contains the following submenus:

    - Simple Calculator

And the calculator, which can be used for simple computations, looks like this:

    - Configuration (change language, show or hide images for calendar view, and edit the user's categories)

* Display difference: The user defined categories are shown in a "black bold font", when the built-in ones are displayed in the "normal gray font".

* Adding new category: double click on the Name/Description (type here) and then set the name and description of the category. After clicking ENTER the changes are recorder and a new empty row is appended to the end of the table.

*  For changing the icon we have to double-click on the "Icon" cell to enable the cell-editor, and then on "browse" button to select an image (PNG, GIF, or JPEG) file from your computer (recommended size: 16x16 pixels).

* Setting the category to be an income or expense kind of, can be done by clicking on the check-box "Expense?"

* Delete a category: right click on the user defined category (which has no transactions associated with it)  and then press in the "Delete" menu option.

Note: there is status bar below categories grid that has the "status" of each selected category (built-in, can be deleted, last row, etc).

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