September 21, 2010

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2.1 menu File

Contains the following submenus:

    - Open the budget (loads the budget info into the tool)

    - Open Backup a backup file in read-only mode, so we can see the history of the previous "balanced" actions.

    - Save the budget (saves all changes to the budget file)

    - Import from Microsoft Money & Quicken (.CSV, .QIF, .OFX and .QFX) files

    - Export CSV to a .CSV file

    - Exit application

These are the supported CSV formats for import (since version 1.5.0):

  • Money On Thread (MOT)
     Format Example:
        Date,   Activity name, Sum + or -,    Category, Series Key
"2010-10-23", "activity name",  "-500.00", "_testing_",         ""

  • Bank 
     Format Example:
      Date,   Activity name, Debit sum -, Credit sum +, Balance
08/23/2010,      ING DIRECT,            ,       211.94, 1335.32
08/27/2010, MBNA M/C Q8W4F4,      303.59,             , 1031.73

  • Credit Card
     Format Example:
Posted Date,  Reference Number,                  Payee, Address, Amount
08/30/2010 ,000308571111422593,"PAYMENT - THANK YOU"  ," "     , 303.59
09/11/2010 ,                  ,Finance Charge Assessed,        ,   0.00


  1. Hi,
    I have tried both ofx and qfx file formats for import but they dont work. I am on Win 7. Also, the background for the calendar cannot be saved and a blank.

  2. Hi, thanks for your feedback!

    Can you drop me an email at with the errors, your testing file .OFX and .QFX and eventuially some screenshots, please?

    Thank you!

  3. If you have IOException error on Vista or Windows 7, it's because the Money On Thread is trying to save your transactions into a file, which isn't allowed on some computers.

    So, the workaround is to execute the MoneyOnThread "as administrator", or better to update the properties of the desktop link to always run "as administrator".

    I'll investigate in the next version to see how this little problem would be corrected.


  4. I've just installed MOAT but can't get it to import QFX or CSV files either. Using Windows XP. There's no error message - just nothing happens. I've tried several times, even closing/re-opening the program and rebooting XP. Have tried importing from different locations and also with different MOAT tabs displayed. Manually adding a transaction works OK.

    Any ideas?

  5. Followup on my above question. Is it necessary to have other accounts set up before importing? I create one account , a chequing account, and tried to import to it. I have not set up other parameters. Is it necessary to set up other parameters first?

  6. Hi Derek ... thank you for trying Money On Thread!

    Yes, to import something, you need to create a new account before, or use an existing one, which will be enriched with the new transactions.

    - 1. create new account
    - 2. import file CSV file (only if was exported before by MOT, in its own specific format).
    - 3. transactions will appear on thread, then you can save it.

    Note: if a transaction already exist, it won't be loaded twice, to avoid duplicate transactions.

    If you tried this and still have a problem, then it's a bug int the code; so, if you are kind to send me by email a test file, which doesn't import, I'll be able to debug and fix it. (